Direct Mail Marketing Ideas by Jose Ammut Around Connecting the Digital Disconnect

The one advantage direct and physical mailing will always have over digital marketing is the one aspect that can’t be removed or digitalized. It is the “physical.” The ability to touch, see, feel, and smell will forever be tied to direct mail campaigns.

All of these reasons will continue to keep direct mailing on the radar. Some may argue that direct mailing is obsolete, but this is far from the truth. Direct mail is not a substitute, but a supplement to the online marketing angle.

Direct Mail Ideas

There are some brilliant Direct Mail Marketing Ideas by Jose Ammut and his team. Their ideas establish the link between direct and digital marketing, setting postcard marketing as a direct complement to any digital marketing efforts. The digital marketing campaign can help find the sales market, gather the data, and develop the story to tell. Direct mail can further pinpoint these angles and push the brand to new heights.

Texture on the Postcard

One such way to do this is to begin a conversation that leads to a digital answer. For example, a direct mail campaign can use savvy design techniques that only really work in a physical way. This could include the addition of a post-it note in the envelope. A handwritten (or printed) post-it note is silly. It is also textured and separate from the postcard mailer.

Web Links

It can also have a website on it. Now, the connection is bridged from the physical mailer to the website. The direct mail campaign draws people to the web. Discounts can be offered in the direct mailer that can only be accessed online. This is a logical way to settle this seeming disconnect. The impact of a direct mail campaign is deeper than with a strictly digital one.

Some marketers may see this as unnecessary. This is especially so since the common knowledge is that it is harder to take a physical mail effort to a digital place. This may be true for some marketers. It is about knowing the marketplace. Will the people respond to this? Does it make sense given what is happening and where the marketing team wants to go?